No Need to Settle for Complexity: A File Server Replacement Story


Some companies think that they only way they can achieve the secure file sharing and collaboration they need is to adopt technologies that can be complex and difficult to manage. Solutions, like Microsoft SharePoint, are often deployed reluctantly knowing that users will be forced into a new way of working with strict requirements for files structures and naming conventions. The result? Users often won’t embrace the technology the way the organization wants, resisting new practices and workflows and deflating file sharing ROI.

This doesn’t have to be the case. File sharing can be secure and robust without the complexity. There’s no need to change worker habits or demand use of strict file naming standards. Soonr Workplace will deliver the flexibility users need to work the way they want, with the security and control organizations want to assure privacy and compliance.

This was the path experienced by the independent surveying firm Brittain Hadley. Looking to move off of its aging file server with a collaboration solution that would also support mobile file access for its very large CAD files, the company first evaluated Microsoft SharePoint. It found the solution too complex for their needs and discovered that it couldn’t support the way their files and file structures were created – using long and detailed file names. This kept Brittain Hadley looking for a better option, and they’re sure glad they did.

Now, using Soonr Workplace, Brittain Hadley employees can continue working just as they always have, using the file names and structures they prefer. The solution has also given the firm’s teams access to files from any field location and ensures that multiple devices are always in sync, eliminating version control headaches. The best part? Soonr easily supports even their largest CAD files so that they have the access they need, from anywhere they’re working.

“With Soonr we can now be anywhere and easily pull up the folder we need,” said Nathan Sproule, Director of Brittain Hadley. “Now we’ve invested in iPads for our team and with Soonr we can easily access content on those iPads no matter where we are working. We can go to a site at the drop of a hat and have all the drawings and photos we need, without having to go back to the office to get them. It’s truly doubled our productivity in the field.”

There’s no reason to settle for file sharing that’s complex and constricting. Let users work the way they want and realize the full ROI of file sharing with Soonr Workplace.

To learn more about Brittain Hadley’s deployment of Soonr Workplace, take a look at their full customer profile.

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Enhancing Customer Responsiveness Through File Sharing Workflow

Enhancing-Customer-Responsiveness-through-File-Sharing-WorkflowFor the virtual business, collaboration is imperative, but not always easy. With separate teams often working in multiple locations file access can be the key to business success.

This is particularly true for the SaaS-based messaging company Regroup. Regroup offers a multi-platform emergency notifications system that automates the delivery of emails, text messages, voice broadcasts and social website updates. Not only are these used for the communication of routine events for corporate, education and government customers, they also serve as a vital notification system in the event of an emergency.

With such a critical charter – to assure that clients’ employees, students or community members are notified in the event of a disaster – Regroup must be a master at communicating both internally and externally. To help to solve the need for file access and collaboration, Regroup tried Dropbox, but the cost continued to skyrocket with each new employee. That’s when the messaging company turned to Soonr Workplace.

“Regroup is a great tool for communicating in the event of a campus crisis. Soonr helps us ensure business continuity should we need to close due to an emergency. Because communication is at the core of our business, supporting and managing communications, both internally and externally, is imperative,” said Sarah Elizabeth Bergstrand, Office Operations Executive for Regroup. “Soonr helps us achieve this. All of our company’s users are remote, so Soonr keeps us in sync—collaborating—and makes finding the latest documents easy.”

What has truly made Soonr an invaluable addition to Regroup’s operations is its ability to better enable their business process workflow. Now when a new customer is signed on, the Regroup sales team can seamlessly transfer the entire client folder to the implementation team, giving them all the details they need in one place to more quickly get the customers up and running without missing any details. This has reduced customer on-boarding time by as much as 50% while improving customer responsiveness and building the long-term business relationships that will withstand the test of time.

When file sharing workflow not only improves business performance but also your customer satisfaction, you can see the true value of Soonr Workplace.

To learn more about Regroup’s deployment of Soonr Workplace, take a look at their full customer profile.

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Email Files to the Cloud [Feature Update]

How often do you work with people outside your organization? Often, right? Even if you don’t, you probably collaborate in some form with colleagues in other departments in your company. And sometimes you need to collect content from these individuals.

Imagine you are an events coordinator, tradeshow organizer or any person coordinating content from a number of sources.

There are a number of moving parts, but an especially difficult and time consuming element is coordinating the speakers and their presentations for the event. It is an exhaustive process sending emails to the different speakers asking for their presentations, receiving updates at the last minute, as well as the possibility that the speaker sent the wrong or outdated version.

We’ve recently added the capability for Public Links that are Upload Enabled to accept files via email from any user.

Before this update, only a Project Owner could email to folders, as it was bound to their email address or via enabling Public Access on a folder and Enabling Upload. Now it is possible to have anyone upload a file by sending an attachment to the Project email address, as well as the email body (because the message can be critical) without enabling a Public Link.

To enable these new options, log in to Soonr Online, choose the Project or folder you would like to enable. Select the new “Email” option in the top navigation.

The Project email address will appear. This is the email address you give to those who you want to upload content.

Then choose the customization options you would like: File attachments or the email body too.

Email attachments to the cloud

Of course, Soonr’s security mechanisms come into play here as well, as all inbound e-mail attachments are automatically virus-scanned.

How does it work?

First, give the Project email address to those who you want to upload. See above for where the Project email address lives.

Then, all they need to do is send an email with their files attached.

Send an Email with Attachments to the Project Email Address

And the file and email body, if desired, will automatically be uploaded to the folder.

Both the Soonr Workplace Member and the Public User will receive confirmation of the upload success.

Any questions about this new feature, email us at success@soonr.com.

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Document Collaboration When Data Security is Critical – A Law Firm’s Approach

Document-Collaboration-When-Data-Security-is-Critical-–-A-Law-Firm’s-ApproachData security is always a key concern, especially if your organization is managing confidential information. However, data security simply can’t get in the way of productivity, and for that collaboration is critical.

For Carabba Law Firm, an employment law and litigation firm, these were the gating factors when considering their document management and collaboration processes. Working with confidential client case files and court documents for the customers it serves, Carabba Law needed a way to ensure that this private data remain both protected and impervious to data breaches. Yet, with a mix of office, remote office and remote workers, maintaining that security while supporting company productivity was a challenge. Solutions they tried were either hard to use or lacking in security functionality.

“As a lawyer, secure data encryption is absolutely critical, as is file collaboration among our firm’s lawyers and staff. Ultimately in a file sharing solution what we needed was ease of access from out of the office, collaboration and tracking of document revisions with security and simplicity.”

Anthony Carabba, Jr., Owner, Carabba Law Firm P.C.

That’s exactly what Carabba Law found with Soonr Workplace. It delivered the data security, mobile access and collaboration Carabba Law required. It also enabled simplified document management processes supporting increased business productivity in managing file revisions.

“We use Soonr constantly, it’s truly the foundation of our document management,” said Carabba. “The accessibility benefits cannot be overstated. Having access to my entire case file – on a laptop or iPad – when in court or at a client’s office is a tremendous benefit. It also makes file sharing and notating seamless and painless.”

Now Carabba Law has doubled its efficiency when working away from the office or from court. Plus, document management processes have been effectively streamlined and the company now has an easy and secure way to collaborate on important client documents and court case materials.

Only Soonr delivers true security plus productivity. That’s the solution for collaboration when data security is critical.

To learn more about Carabba Law’s deployment of Soonr Workplace, take a look at their full customer profile. And for more on how Soonr helps firms in the legal industry, view our Industry page.

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The Cure for Email Bloat: Versioning in the Cloud

The-Cure-for-Email-Bloat---Versioning-in-the-CloudFor companies with busy email users, email storage bloat can quickly become a troublesome challenge. Sharing program files, documents, presentations, contracts and more via email can quickly ring up storage demands as each email and its attachments bounce back and forth between multiple project members.

According to the The Radicati Group, more than 100 billion emails sent and received per day. And it is only expected to increase: business email will account for over 132 billion emails sent and received per day by the end of 2017.

Even more, using email for file sharing can also cause time consuming versioning challenges. As users search for the latest version of a file, it’s only too common to discover that someone has just sent changes on an older version that need to be reconciled with a newer revision.

These were challenges the National Alliance for Hispanic Health faced every day. As the nation’s foremost science-based source of information and trusted advocate for the health of Hispanics in the United States, The Alliance collaborates with hundreds of members every day. Emailing files back and forth was causing versioning challenges. It was also creating storage bloat in its Microsoft Office 365 environment which hosted the organization’s Outlook email. Email attachment after attachment continued to push the organization’s email storage limits.

Soonr Workplace was the cure. It streamlined version control challenges, minimized attachment sending via email and gave the health organization the simplified mobile access that improved workforce productivity on the road.

Now, The Alliance finds that its workforce spends as much as 75% less time looking for current file versions. It also no longer needs to worry about reaching the storage limit of its Office 365 environment due to unnecessary emailed attachments.

“With Soonr you can send a link once and everyone in the group can make comments to the document right there. You don’t even have to have a laptop, it’s easy to comment or access right from your mobile device. It makes collaboration and revisions much easier. And, with the ability to time stamp content, you can control how long people have access to a project – so when it’s done, the link will no longer work.”

– Douglas Vazquez, National Alliance for Hispanic Health

Not only did The Alliance reduce its Office 365 email profile by using Soonr, The organization is more efficient and free to access any document they need while working remotely or on the road. Vazquez added, “It’s like bringing your entire office with you, without having to pack it up.”

Once again, Soonr becomes the cure for common file sharing challenges – and so much more.
For more on National Alliance for Hispanic Health’s deployment of Soonr Workplace, here’s the full customer profile.

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