Document Collaboration When Data Security is Critical – A Law Firm’s Approach

Document-Collaboration-When-Data-Security-is-Critical-–-A-Law-Firm’s-ApproachData security is always a key concern, especially if your organization is managing confidential information. However, data security simply can’t get in the way of productivity, and for that collaboration is critical.

For Carabba Law Firm, an employment law and litigation firm, these were the gating factors when considering their document management and collaboration processes. Working with confidential client case files and court documents for the customers it serves, Carabba Law needed a way to ensure that this private data remain both protected and impervious to data breaches. Yet, with a mix of office, remote office and remote workers, maintaining that security while supporting company productivity was a challenge. Solutions they tried were either hard to use or lacking in security functionality.

“As a lawyer, secure data encryption is absolutely critical, as is file collaboration among our firm’s lawyers and staff. Ultimately in a file sharing solution what we needed was ease of access from out of the office, collaboration and tracking of document revisions with security and simplicity.”

Anthony Carabba, Jr., Owner, Carabba Law Firm P.C.

That’s exactly what Carabba Law found with Soonr Workplace. It delivered the data security, mobile access and collaboration Carabba Law required. It also enabled simplified document management processes supporting increased business productivity in managing file revisions.

“We use Soonr constantly, it’s truly the foundation of our document management,” said Carabba. “The accessibility benefits cannot be overstated. Having access to my entire case file – on a laptop or iPad – when in court or at a client’s office is a tremendous benefit. It also makes file sharing and notating seamless and painless.”

Now Carabba Law has doubled its efficiency when working away from the office or from court. Plus, document management processes have been effectively streamlined and the company now has an easy and secure way to collaborate on important client documents and court case materials.

Only Soonr delivers true security plus productivity. That’s the solution for collaboration when data security is critical.

To learn more about Carabba Law’s deployment of Soonr Workplace, take a look at their full customer profile. And for more on how Soonr helps firms in the legal industry, view our Industry page.

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The Cure for Email Bloat: Versioning in the Cloud

The-Cure-for-Email-Bloat---Versioning-in-the-CloudFor companies with busy email users, email storage bloat can quickly become a troublesome challenge. Sharing program files, documents, presentations, contracts and more via email can quickly ring up storage demands as each email and its attachments bounce back and forth between multiple project members.

According to the The Radicati Group, more than 100 billion emails sent and received per day. And it is only expected to increase: business email will account for over 132 billion emails sent and received per day by the end of 2017.

Even more, using email for file sharing can also cause time consuming versioning challenges. As users search for the latest version of a file, it’s only too common to discover that someone has just sent changes on an older version that need to be reconciled with a newer revision.

These were challenges the National Alliance for Hispanic Health faced every day. As the nation’s foremost science-based source of information and trusted advocate for the health of Hispanics in the United States, The Alliance collaborates with hundreds of members every day. Emailing files back and forth was causing versioning challenges. It was also creating storage bloat in its Microsoft Office 365 environment which hosted the organization’s Outlook email. Email attachment after attachment continued to push the organization’s email storage limits.

Soonr Workplace was the cure. It streamlined version control challenges, minimized attachment sending via email and gave the health organization the simplified mobile access that improved workforce productivity on the road.

Now, The Alliance finds that its workforce spends as much as 75% less time looking for current file versions. It also no longer needs to worry about reaching the storage limit of its Office 365 environment due to unnecessary emailed attachments.

“With Soonr you can send a link once and everyone in the group can make comments to the document right there. You don’t even have to have a laptop, it’s easy to comment or access right from your mobile device. It makes collaboration and revisions much easier. And, with the ability to time stamp content, you can control how long people have access to a project – so when it’s done, the link will no longer work.”

– Douglas Vazquez, National Alliance for Hispanic Health

Not only did The Alliance reduce its Office 365 email profile by using Soonr, The organization is more efficient and free to access any document they need while working remotely or on the road. Vazquez added, “It’s like bringing your entire office with you, without having to pack it up.”

Once again, Soonr becomes the cure for common file sharing challenges – and so much more.
For more on National Alliance for Hispanic Health’s deployment of Soonr Workplace, here’s the full customer profile.

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A Portal to Fuel Growth for MSP and Cloud Partners

A-Portal-to-Fuel-Growth-for-MSP-and-Cloud-PartnersThroughout Soonr’s history, we have valued delivering the tools our partners need to deliver excellent service. Today, we have added one more partner solution to its tool bag with the launch of its new Partner Portal for MSP and Cloud resellers.

What we have found is that as an MSP grows, managing multiple client accounts via the cloud can become complex. To help, our new MSP and Cloud reseller partner portal allows channel partners to effectively deliver and manage the Soonr service with multiple customers all from a single location. This enables them to directly manage service, device and other Team policies directly within a Partner Portal without having to log in separately to each customer account.

Managed service providers see tremendous opportunities and growth potential by adding secure file sharing and collaboration to their delivered services. As these opportunities grow, there is a mounting need for an effective and scalable way to manage these services across their customer base. Soonr is meeting this need by streamlining management overhead and resource requirements and making it easier to maintain service excellence as the MSP expands its customer base.

Soonr Authorized Partner Novani agrees. “Service delivery excellence and customer satisfaction is at the core of our business,” said Francis Yiu, CEO of Novani. “It is crucial that we be able to service all customers with the same level of quality. As such, this new partner portal capability will enable us to maintain a high level of service excellence while we scale our business.”

The new partner portal is available now for existing Soonr partners. For MSP and Cloud resellers interested in learning more about the award-winning Soonr Success Partner Program, visit our Partners page. You can also apply to be a partner here.

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Soonr Plugs Into Outlook

Soonr-Plugs-in-to-OutlookUsing Soonr Workplace along with your Microsoft Outlook email just got even easier. Today, Soonr has released its new Outlook Plugin, which enables users to send links to files directly from within Microsoft Outlook. This makes it easier than ever to share files and provides a simple way for files to be accessed and downloaded by recipients.

The new plugin works for files that already exist in Soonr Workplace as well as for files that need to be uploaded to Soonr Workplace and emailed. This makes adding files to Soonr and sharing them easier through a single, consolidated operation.

To Attach from Soonr
Users simply select the Project, folder or file to be shared using the Soonr Outlook Plugin. Once selected, users can pick from one of the available options: Create a Public Link, Attach Link or Cancel.

To Upload to Soonr and Attach
Users select the “Upload and Attach” option in the Outlook Plugin. From here they are prompted to select a file to be uploaded and attached, then provided with options to select the Project or folder where the file should be uploaded to. Once uploaded, users can pick from one of the available options: Create a Public Link, Attach Link or Cancel.

The Soonr Outlook Plugin is available for systems running Windows 7 or later and Microsoft Outlook 2010 or later.

As today’s workforces continue to move faster, both in the office and on the road, Soonr is committed to making the productivity enhancements that help people do business faster. To start using the new Soonr Outlook Plugin today, download it here. You can also read the release notes here.

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Making the Connection: Lowering the Cost of Collaboration

Eliminate-Costly-Infrastructure-and-be-Free-to-Spend-Time-on-the-Stuff-that-Matters.psdCollaboration is the key to business performance. Yet, it can be difficult to collaborate in today’s fast-paced mobile workplace. It’s harder yet when work teams are comprised of both internal and external partners with different governance demands and business processes.

But it’s more common than ever for organizations to have a unique mix of collaborators – from partners and vendors to customers and affiliated organizations. Thus, solving the challenge of enabling transparent team connections is key to productivity.

This was the challenge faced by WRAP. A registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, WRAP works with UK Governments, the EU and other funders to help deliver their policies on waste prevention and resource efficiency. The execution of these efforts requires extensive collaboration with a range of strategic partners, governments, businesses, trade bodies and more. The volumes of documents and large files shared between each party must support secure access, efficient management and effective protection.

Ultimately, WRAP discovered Soonr Workplace to simplify and secure its collaboration workflow. Beside the solution’s ease of use, extensive layers of security and support for a mobile workforce, Soonr Workplace uniquely delivers Connection accounts for people that work outside of the WRAP organization. Using Connections, WRAP partners can safely access, collaborate on and share files without being required to become full Soonr Team Members. This licensing model has worked to give WRAP extensive cost savings when compared to other file sharing solutions.

“Soonr Workplace offered all of the functionality we would need so that we could more efficiently manage files with each of our external constituents. Even better was that, unlike other solutions we evaluated, the way the Soonr licensing model worked those external connections didn’t cost us any more. In fact, it saved us more than 60% in all when compared to some of the other solutions we evaluated. We can now share large files with external vendors very easily, saving time for them and our team at the same time.”

– Steve Coppin, Head of Information Systems, WRAP

With the power to simplify the connection between all team members – both internal and external – Soonr Workplace makes collaboration simple. It makes the connection between lower file sharing costs and enhanced productivity.

For more on WRAP’s deployment of Soonr Workplace, here’s the full case study.

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