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“It’s like going from driving a Ford Pinto to a Lamborghini.”

That’s how Calamar Construction’s Jennifer DeFalco put it when asked how having Soonr Workplace compared to her old file sharing practices. Like any construction firm, Calamar has mountains of large files that need to be shared both internally and externally with their hundreds of construction partners and subcontractors. Historically, the company had tried to use email to share these files but upload times were slow, and they were never certain if all the emails had been received by everyone that needed to see them. Not to mention the complexity of version control.

That’s when Calamar discovered Soonr Workplace. Since deploying it for their large file sharing processes the company has seen a 90% improvement in office productivity. Plus, with Soonr’s detailed controls, it’s been seamless and easy to distribute and manage new documents, ensuring that everyone who needs them truly gets them.

“Once the pre-construction plans are in Soonr and there are updates, all I need to do is remove the old ones and put in the new,” said DeFalco. “Then I can send out a group email with the link for the subs to provide their pre-bids. Because I often need to update files two to three times a week, this can save me hours compared to our old email process.”

Transformational productivity improvements like this can be game changers for a business like Calamar, especially when large files are at the core of their daily operations. From the time savings found uploading large files, to searching for the most current version of a file, to making sure that all those that need access to key documents can access them easily, Soonr’s productivity enhancements can simply be life changing for the office staff in busy construction firms.

These are just some of the reasons file sharing is quickly becoming one of the most critical applications for business. In fact, according to the independent analyst research Osterman Research, file sharing and synchronization tools will represent a total available market of $106 billion by 2017. It’s one of the most rapidly growing business productivity applications on the market.

By empowering workers with secure file sharing at record-breaking speeds, Soonr Workplace is the productivity accelerator behind business success.

For more on Calamar Construction’s deployment of Soonr Workplace, you can read the Customer Profile here.

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The Value of Mobile, Paperless File Tracking

McGinty Marine Construction Customer ProfileThe paperless office. It’s a goal many organizations strive for. A way to efficiently organize mountains of paper files so that they can be easily tracked, searched, managed and accessed – even from mobile devices while on the road or job site.

This was the goal of McGinty Marine Construction. As a professional commercial and residential marine contractor, the construction firm was finding itself loosing productivity due to the sheer volume of paper documents it needed for each project. In fact, the company simply didn’t have the physical room to store all of its documents, and when something needed to be found it could take hours.

“We wanted a better way to stay on top of where we were from start to finish – from receiving signed proposals and starting draws to permits from state and local agencies,” said Kristin Langdon, Office Manager, McGinty Marine Construction. “These files could be in five different places. Missing signed proposals or permits means we cannot complete our projects and can put valuable time to waste.”

Soonr Workplace was the answer for McGinty Marine Construction. The firm has found it to be the perfect way to store and manage everything from signed customer proposals and permits to job photos and plans. It has even helped them to solve ticked requests. With Soonr Workplace’s simple search functionality information for projects can be found it seconds from any mobile device and the active construction team always knows that it’s the most up-to-date file, so there are never discrepancies.

“Now, when we are on the go or at a customer’s worksite, we can simply log into the mobile application and pull up any pertinent information that is needed to help the customer get to the end result with their project,” said Langdon.

The true value of the paperless office, realized. Just one more way Soonr Workplace helps get business done faster.

For more on McGinty Marine Construction’s deployment of Soonr Workplace, you can download the Customer Profile here.

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Customer Collaboration: A New Spin on Responsiveness

FastPencil Customer Profile

When one thinks of file sharing, it’s often in the context of making employees more productive when collaborating with each other. But what about sharing files with customers? That’s perhaps an even more critical application for file sharing that can not only improve productivity, but elevate your customer service and responsiveness.

That’s exactly what FastPencil has done. An innovative developer of cloud-based content management technology that gives authors and publishers an open platform to streamline the book publishing process, FastPencil needed a file sharing solution that would help it collaborate faster – both internally and with customers. They found Soonr Workplace and the results have been impressive.

“Our customers want an easy way to share files with us and email can be particularly troublesome,” said Mariena Foley of FastPencil. “If the files are too large to email, clients may not know that we haven’t received them and valuable time can be lost. We needed a simple solution for file sharing large documents with our clients that was secure and efficient.”

For the fast-paced publishing innovator, Soonr Workplace delivered what they needed: a secure content retention and data protection platform that could be accessed from any device, anywhere. And, it offered full access control functionality to support managed collaboration with customers. Files, even very large ones, can be shared in an instant and the latest versions of files are always each to locate, eliminating email version control issues. Then, once the collaboration is complete the links can be easily disabled for greater customer security.

“With Soonr it’s now very simple to share large files with our clients,” added Foley. “We just send over a link and they have instant access to the documents we need to discuss. No more waiting for emails to get through, and you don’t have to tell them to download a new application. It’s just fast and easy.”

Now that’s customer service. And for a company that moves “fast,” the increased responsiveness has been nothing short of significant.

For more on FastPencil’s deployment of Soonr Workplace, you can download the Customer Profile here.

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A Blueprint for Construction Firms Looking to Get the Job Done Faster

A Blueprint for Construction Firms Looking to Get the Job Done Faster

From architectural designs and blueprints to CAD files, photos, project files and more, firms in the construction industry have volumes of large files to share. And they need to share them not only when they are in the office, but while they are on the go or at the work site.

Soonr has been helping a growing number of construction firms achieve the secure file sharing and collaboration flexibility they need so that they can get the job done faster and easier. Soonr users such as Level 10 Construction, the general contractor for the new Facebook West Campus in Silicon Valley, continue to see tremendous productivity gains while using Soonr Workplace.

“With Soonr, we are dramatically more productive on the road,” said Danielle Douthett, Project Executive, Level 10 Construction. “And, when you are always on the road, this is very important. Files are automatically synced and ready for use from anywhere. It’s just what we needed to keep up with our growing business.”

Soonr Workplace is perfectly suited for construction firms such as Level 10 Construction, with their vast array of partners, mobile workforce and need to access and share large files. It allows them to automatically save, sync and share even the largest of files with a single click, all without risk of data loss, missed deliveries or omitted recipients.

With Soonr Workplace, firms in the construction industry can better manage Projects with their subcontractors, share large files and stay in constant touch with Team Members, all while working on the go from their mobile phones and tablets. Soonr Workplace also gives construction teams the ability to easily conduct site surveys, with Scan to PDF and on-device annotation features that easily support site surveys using photo capture and document markups.

You’re invited to stop by the Soonr booth at the Association of General Contractors IT Forum, July 31 through August 1 at the Swissotel in Chicago.

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Dedicated, Geo-Redundant Data Centers Contribute to Soonr’s Record International Growth

International Growth

As the need for secure file sharing expands around the world, we continue to see dramatic results in each of our international regions. In fact, we have recently achieved 120% year-over-year growth internationally and continue to expand our partner ecosystem in North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Among the most notable reasons for these record results is the expansion of Soonr’s dedicated, geo-redundant data centers, which includes operations in the U.S., Canada, Denmark and Australia. This delivers the exceptional value regional partners in over 130 countries need to offer the best file sharing and collaboration service to their customers.

The value of this progression has recently been underscored by 451 Research’s Alan Pelz-Sharpe. He comments, “Soonr’s strength in mobile collaboration together with its regional datacenters offer a jurisdictional advantage over competitors in the secure file sharing and collaboration space. To help ensure regional privacy, the data not only resides in the local region, but the transmission of such data also remains local.”

We will continue to focus on global expansion efforts as international cloud service providers, VARs, solution providers and systems integrators look to Soonr to further enable the use of mobile devices for their clients’ increased productivity.

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