The Problem with Email: It’s Not Built for Collaboration

The Problem with Email: It’s Not Built for Collaboration

Email overflow is an epidemic that is affecting us all, especially business people. According to research from IT Community Spiceworks, each day around the world in 2013, 144.8 billion emails were sent, which works out to 6.03 billion emails per hour, nearly one email per every person alive on Earth. And only 35% (2.11 billion) were legit (non-SPAM) emails.

While email remains a primary mode of communication in the business world, its usefulness in a fast-paced collaboration-based and content-centered world has diminishing value.

Instant Messaging, Skype, Twitter and other social tools have emerged to serve very specific aspects of communication, and email is most often used for sending a file. But when email is used in this manner, productivity and collaboration suffer.

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Soonr Workplace NOT Vulnerable to Heartbleed, but Change Your Password Anyway

Heartbleed Bug

Internet security engineers have very recently discovered a security vulnerability in the OpenSSL software that has been used in a majority of websites and web services around the world for the past two years. It is believed that, while the bug has existed, it has gone largely unknown and unexploited. The purpose of this message is to inform you of this vulnerability, what we have done about it, and what you should do to further ensure your own privacy.

What is it, and what has been exposed?

The Heartbleed bug is a specific vulnerability in recent versions of the OpenSSL implementation of SSL/TLS that is used to protect internet traffic around the world. While an attacker that is exploiting this security vulnerability could potentially recover encryption keys, passwords, and protected content, we have no information to suggest that any successful attacks have been mounted against our service. Furthermore, in practical terms, it would be difficult for hackers to have used this vulnerability to mount a successful attack due to the technical aspects of the exploit. In any case, we urge you to change your passwords as a precautionary measure.

What have we done to protect you?

A security fix for the OpenSSL implementation has been made available as of April 7, 2014, and we have incorporated this fix into our servers. Going forward, no new exploits of the Heartbleed bug will be possible against our servers.

What action should you take?

While security experts assert that individuals have only a small probability of being affected by this security bug, we highly recommend that you change your passwords immediately.

For detailed information on the Heartbleed bug, refer to heartbleed.com. This site was established and maintained by one of the organizations that initially discovered and reported this bug.

Any other questions, please reach out to us at support@soonr.com.

Thank you,
The Soonr Team

Soonr Security Architecture White Paper



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Instant Gratification: The High Value of Rapid Document Access

Instant Gratification: The High Value of Rapid Document Access
In the modern world no one expects to wait for anything. Traffic lights seem to last for hours. Warming your coffee in the microwave causes a foot tap. So, when it comes to accessing data – especially valuable business files that you need right away – nothing should get in your way. But, all too often something does.

Many companies rely on a virtual private network (VPN) to provide employees with file access when they are away from the office. Yet, what happens when you can’t establish a VPN connection or if your VPN can’t connect you to a needed file that’s beyond the VPN server? And, what if all you have handy is your iPhone or iPad? Massive productivity loss.

Another common file sharing technique is the simple email. But here, the file sharing and access challenges are even greater. Large files often won’t make it through domain policies set to restrict file sizes and of course there is the problem of version control. When a team is collaborating on the same document – take that time sensitive RFP for example – critical changes can be overlooked as multiple emails fly around with the same, changing document. Resolving the versions and track changes can cost hours, time that could truly lose you that new business.

The problem of document sharing becomes further exaggerated when you run a business that is truly mobile. A good example is Level 10 Construction. This full-service general contractor typically has 15 to 20 jobs underway at any given time. That means that its employees need to be able to work from anywhere – at the jobsite, in one of the company’s three offices, from home, or on the road. And, they need to have access to business files from any device they have handy.

Level 10 Construction Case Study
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Getting Granular: Why Flexible Permissions Management Spells Success for SMBs


The small and mid-sized business (SMB) market is the fastest growing segment of today’s business population. And even though each organization may have a distinct and separate value proposition, they are likely to have one thing in common: they are largely virtual. To remain agile and responsive to customers, SMB employees are on the road, working at client sites and operating from home offices at all hours and using multiple devices.

What’s more, most SMB’s also operate using extensive networks of external resources and partners to get the job done. Rather than build large internal staffs, SMBs collaborate with each other to achieve value for their clients.

With all of this collaboration and interactive project engagement there is one single thing that can prevent an SMB’s success more than anything else: poor file sharing and information collaboration. Without access to the vital documents needed to execute a project, all team members – internal and external alike – can be forced to a standstill.

Take the consulting experts at Kaizen Approach as an example. With a seven-person staff and an expansive network of external partner resources, this consulting firm relies on Soonr to support its document collaboration needs which include stringent security, multiple mobile device support, simple file and folder structuring and granular rights management. It’s this final point has made all the difference for their business.

Kaizen Approach Case Study

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The Dropbox Problem: Reverse Engineering the Dropbox Client

Dropbox Problem Reverse Engineering the Dropbox Client

The Dropbox Problem is getting worse. And it is a problem that you may not even realize you are facing. The potential for data leakage, security breaches and harm to your business is enormous.

We want to share the details about a recent exposed Dropbox security vulnerability and 33 Reasons Dropbox Is Not For Business that can be game-changers for your organization’s strategy on file sharing and corporate data awareness.


As you know, Dropbox is a popular sync and file sharing solution with roots in a college dorm that has found wild success and adoption by consumers, used worldwide by more than more 100 million users. Perhaps not surprisingly, it has also become a nightmare for IT departments and been dubbed the problem child of cloud security.

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