Work Faster Together Without Even Trying.

We are extremely excited with today’s release of the Soonr Workplace. We are particularly  proud to announce an enhancement to Soonr Projects that will make sharing and collaborating even EASIER. It’s called My Soonr Projects and it’s a new kind of project folder that will automatically keep the files inside it, sync’d between multiple computers and in your online account. This means that teams of people who are working together on a Project can create a folder that will automatically be kept up to date with everyone’s changes. It works between various team members, but it also works between different machines for the same user. Imagine you and your team having access to the latest version of any business file, accessible on any computer or device no matter where you are. My Soonr Projects folder will automatically keep them all updated! If you’ve heard enough and want to see how to add your Existing Projects to this folder, Click Here.

Work Offline

There will be times when you don’t have a great internet connection (or a connection at all), no problem, you can still work on your files since they are on your local hard disk. Since the files are sync’d you can use the programs that you know and there’s nothing new to learn. And when you do get back online, all changes will be automatically updated!

You can even view files on your smartphone without a connection. Just mark a Project folder or file as a Favorite (click on the star next to the name) and it will be rendered and stored locally, so you don’t have to worry about losing your connection as you view a document.

What Do I have to do?

Well, that’s the beauty of this enhancement. Just update the Soonr software on your computers and this capability will automatically be turned on! It’s included with your Soonr service. You’ll notice a new folder on your desktop called “My Soonr Projects”. Every Project you create will automatically appear in this folder and be automatically updated. If you have a bunch of projects already, you can add them to this folder as well. Use your desktop software’s Settings tab to add existing Projects. Click here to see a video that shows you how to Add Existing Projects.

Add Projects in Settings in desktop software

Add existing Projects using Settings in the desktop software

Do business faster

Of course with Soonr, you will not only get this new capability, but it’ll be combined with the web services and collaboration tools you already enjoy.  No other product offers you a more integrated and easy to use service to help you and your team Do business faster!

Learn more at

Special Note to user of Soonr’s Cloud Drive

The “My Soonr Projects” folder will replace the CloudDrive functionality in the coming weeks. Having your projects synchronized provides the key advantages of allowing you to work offline with automatic update the next time you connect. It also provides a much faster response for large files. You will also experience better reliability if your internet connection becomes unstable.

In the coming week, we will send out an email with migration tips for moving from the CloudDrive feature to the My Soonr Projects. It will contain valuable information for our CloudDrive users.

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